Transitional Rehabilitation for:

Post Surgical Care

Orthopedic Surgery

Cardiac Disease Management

Pulmonary Disease Management

Stroke Recovery

Diabetes Management

Who We Are

Prodigy specializes in Transitional Rehabilitation, a comprehensive rehabilitation approach that focuses on short-stay recovery after surgery or other illness.

Prodigy is a leader in returning patients to their homes as quickly as possible. With rehabilitation services available 7 days a week, patients get the intensive treatment they need to return to their prior level of independence as quickly as possible.

Our focus is providing each patient with a positive patient experience. Because of these positive experiences, a significant number of our patients return to Prodigy for future rehabilitation needs.

We partner with local hospitals, physicians and insurance companies to support our patients goals in their desire to return home to the resumption of a healthy, active lifestyle.


Beautifully appointed private rooms with private baths & walk-in showers (based upon availability)
Spacious rehabilitation gym with state-of-the-art equipment
In Suite Dining
Individualized menu options from our Chef
Flat screen TVs with 77 channels in each room
Wireless internet throughout facility
Internet café
Cozy stone fireplace in the front lobby
Full-service Beauty-Barber Shop
Spa room with Hydro Therapy bathing

Services Include

Specialized Physical, Occupational, and Speech therapy services available 7 days a week
Physician or Nurse Practitioner available 5 days a week
High staff to patient ratio
24-hour a day nursing care
Always  open, 24/7
Pre-surgical reservations
Weekend admissions
Transportation to follow-up doctor appointments


Q: Do you offer private rooms?

A: Private rooms (as available) are provided to short-term rehab patients.

Q: What are the dining arrangements?

A: Meals are served in our dining rooms or concierge meal service is available to those who choose to dine in their rooms. A variety of cuisine selections are available daily to meet each patient’s dietary needs.

Q: How long will I be admitted for Rehab? What is the average length of stay?

A: The length of stay/days admitted for rehabilitation depends upon your physician, insurance plan, and individual progress. The average length of stay for an orthopedic patient is 7-10 days.

Q: How much therapy will I receive each day? Days per week?

A: There are several variables that affect this including your reason for admission and physician’s order. Residents could require all three therapies: physical, speech, and occupational therapy. Therapy is available up to 7 days a week. Therapy sessions can last from 45-60 minutes each.

Q: Are pets allowed to visit?

A: Yes. Pets are granted visiting privileges provided the pet is leashed or crated and attended by the caretaker. Before an animal may enter the facility, proof of immunization against rabies shall be provided

Q: Will Medicare pay for my stay?

A: Following a qualifying stay at a hospital, Medicare will pay for your stay in the following manner. On day 1 through 20, Medicare pays 100% of the covered charges. On days 21 through 100 Medicare pays 80% and secondary insurance or private pay will cover the remainder 20%.

Q: What other insurances do you accept?

A: We contract with a number of commercial insurance companies including many Medicare Advantage Plans. Please contact the Admissions Department or our Business Office they will be happy to assist you with your insurance and other financial needs/questions.


“Truly satisfied with the teamwork, patience, assistance and encouragement to boost confidence in applying yourself safely in your desires to get well. Forever grateful. Thanks!”


“My therapy at Prodigy was great. The therapists were professionals. By participating in therapy sessions, it has greatly improved my health. I enjoyed working with all of the individual therapists.”


“Everyone here has been fabulous! I wanted to come here for a week of therapy and they made sure of that. The rehab rooms are A+! Now I can go home safely by myself. I enjoyed my stay.”


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Prodigy Transitional Rehab complies with applicable Federal civil rights laws and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, disability, or sex.
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