Welcome to Suncrest Health Management


Established in 2006, Suncrest is a privately held company in Henderson, North Carolina, dedicated to health management. Suncrest Health Management consists of four facilities specializing in transitional rehabilitation, a comprehensive approach that focuses on short stay recovery after surgery and other illnesses.

We invite you to learn more about our rehabilitation centers and look forward to the opportunity to serve you.

Ashton Place

Ashton Place is the leader in returning patients to their homes as quickly as possible. With rehabilitation services available 7 days a week, patients get the intensive treatment they need to return to their prior level of independence as quickly as possible.

Camden Place

Our focus is providing each patient with a positive patient experience. Because of these positive experiences, a significant number of our patients return to Camden Place for future rehabilitation needs.

Edward J. Miller MD

Margate specializes in Transitional Rehabilitation, a comprehensive rehabilitation approach that focuses on short-stay recovery after surgery or other illness.

Prodigy Transitional

We partner with local hospitals, physicians and insurance companies to support our patients goals in their desire to return home to the resumption of a healthy, active lifestyle.